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BASTA urbanism provides urban design solutions that address the challenges of cities of today to create healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.

Urban design for sustainable communities

NDSM Docklands Amsterdam - Mix to the max! Urban planning framework, architectural code and 3D virtual reality experience for one of the most vibrant cultural hotspots in the Netherlands

Promoting sports and healthy urban living

MO City Moscow - Masterplan for a high density mixed use neighbourhood focused around central sports and community facilities

Making cities green and healthy

Utrecht 2040  -  Research and design study for the east side of Dutch city Utrecht to create a city edge that is green, healthy and future-proof. The project researches crossovers between healthy and active urban living and topics like new mobility, food production and climate adaptation

Strategies for temporary use

Plug-In City Eindhoven - Pop-up and plug-in framework to facilitate start-ups and experimental urban initiatives

Embracing new urban mobility

Crowdus Street Dallas - Replacing cars and introducing shared space for pedestrians, bicycles and small electric vehicles

"In the end it is all about creating beautiful and healthy neighbourhoods where people of all ages can pleasantly live, work and play."

BASTA urbanism


The Netherlands

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