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Plug-In City Eindhoven

Strijp-S is one of the most vibrant cultural and creative development areas​ in Eindhoven. The area is a former industrial park of Dutch electronics company Philips. Research and production have moved elsewhere over time and since 2006 the area has become available for redevelopment.

With housing corporation Trudo we developed a strategy to activate the area with temporary programme to attract cultural and public initiatives that already give a glimpse of the vibrant new neighbourhood that Trudo envisions. Through temporary activating the area the public gets to know the area and can contribute to it while it is developing. Strijp-S has now become a well-known part of the city and the area is host to a series of cultural events such as the Dutch Design Week, STRP Festival and GLOW Light Festival.

For Trudo we prepared the initial ideas and sketches of temporary use of Strijp-S and launched the concept of the Plug-In City (inspired by Archigram's Plug-In City and Instant City). Trudo provides the basic infrastructure of sewage, electricity and water while light weight structures can be 'plugged in' for several years. It allows people with interesting ideas to set up in Strijp-S without huge investments and become part of a creative community that is actively shaping a new part of town.

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Housing Corporation Trudo


Urban strategy


The original site of Plug-In City has been moved and Plug-in City 2.0 is currently under construction


Initial sketch for Plug-In City


Impression of Plug-In City


Opportunities for temporary use of space amongst the old industrial heritage of the former Philips campus


Strijp-S area


Options for creating communities: Forbidden City, Grid City, Open City


Searching for identity... Graffiti in skatepark Area 51: "Wie ben jij dan / Who are you?"

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