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Bosrijk Eindhoven

Into The Woods and High Park are housing proposals with a strong connection to nature. Set in the forest close to Eindhoven they are aimed at people that believe in the strength of local communities with an emphasis on sharing facilities, living sustainable and in harmony with nature.

Into The Woods is a completely circular and adaptable housing proposal consisting of forest villas that can house two dwellings or one large multi-generation family house. The buildings are entirely constructed of wood which makes them flexible to adapt to changing needs. High Park is a series of dwellings that are laid out like rocks in the landscape. They are made up of recycled bricks and concrete.

Both proposals leave the natural surroundings as much as possible intact by making small building footprints and not providing private gardens. Biodiversity is approved by making wadis for rainwater retention and applying vegetation that attracts birds and insects.

90 dwellings

180-360 inhabitants




Cedrus Vastgoed

BL Huisvesting​


Frans Boots Ruimtelijk Advies

de Architekten Cie.


Into the woods: forest villas built from sustainable and circular materials


Into the woods: forest villas are scattered throughout the landscape


High Park: wadis collect rain water and improve biodiversity


High Park: sculptural housing blocks in an undulating landscape

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