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Amsterdam Sloterdijk

The transformation of business district Amsterdam Sloterdijk is the first​ phase of the ambitious plan Haven-Stad by the City of Amsterdam. It will create a vibrant new part of the city that could provide up to 70,000 dwellings in a rapidly growing metropolitan region. It consists mostly of transforming existing harbour area to a high density, mixed use area.


For the city of Amsterdam we are developing scenarios to investigate the possibilities of transforming station Sloterdijk and surrounding area to become an attractive and vibrant city centre of Haven-Stad. Simultaneously we are investigating building over the railway tracks to improve urban connections, create new public spaces and accommodate for the increasing demand in residential and commercial spaces. The study investigates the potential of healthy and active city making by focusing on a high quality pedestrian, bicycle and public transport network.


The development could tie in with upgrading the existing mobility hub to accommodate growing numbers of travellers and maximise the potential of the station as the vibrant heart of a new city district.

For more information:


Amsterdam Sloterdijk


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Vision for Haven-Stad: expanding the city into the harbour area


Sloterdijk station area in 2016: the railway tracks are dividing the neighbourhood in four separate quarters

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