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Amsterdam Beach Express

The Amsterdam Beach Express is a proposal for an e-bike highway connecting the Amsterdam city centre with the beaches of Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee. E-bikes radically improve the accessibility and connectivity of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by bike, propelling Amsterdam into a bright and healthy future where electric mobility will become the new standard.


De Amsterdam Beach Express makes the beach accessible by bike for 'Amsterdammers' but also is a route which connects significant historical and cultural spots, allowing tourists to easily access and experience the beautiful Dutch countryside. 

Work traffic

For people living in Haarlem and working in Amsterdam Sloterdijk or the city centre the e-bike will become a serious alternative for car or public transport. The transformation of Sloterdijk and the adjoining Haarlemmerstraat offer the opportunity to give the e-bike a leading role in the design of the public space.

Please download the booklet here (Dutch only)


Amsterdam Metropolitan Area


Young BNSP


Ideas competition

Mobility Hub Westerpark: E-bike transfer station, tourism centre and repair shop

Cycling to the beach with a cargo e-bike

The e-bike highway: right of way and traffic light priority for bicycles

Indicative route of the e-bike highway to Zandvoort and Bloemendaal

The route connects significant historical places and landscapes

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